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Genuine product commitment


Ngoc Thien Co., Ltd. is one of the firms established operating and specializing in providing domestic and international customers with devices and services in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Ngoc Thien Company commits to sell genuine products and quality policy as follows:

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We understand that  quality of products is always the customers’ first concern. Therefore, Ngoc Thien Company commits that all products we supply and distribute in the market are genuine products imported directly from the famous brands, renowned distributor representatives and authorized distributors, strict and careful input management process.

We are proud of our professional sales team, who are always ready to give useful advices and detailed supports about products information to customers.

Below are’s commitment  contents to quality and sales service of our products:

1. Commitment to product quality

  • All goods have a clear, transparent, genuine origin and are imported directly from the famous manufacturers in the world.
  • We absolutely do not sell fake brands, fake and poor quality commodities.
  • Closely control and cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipments
  • Make sure each product is always in original condition.
  • Refund 100% value of sold goods if they are not according to the commitment or wrong origin
  • Commitment to the accuracy of commodities’ origin
  • Provide, introduce fully to the customers detailed information of the products on the website of
  • Make sure all products must be suffered from rigorous testing processes of a quality control team with several years of experience before being sold in the market.
  • Always be willing to support 24/24 hours via Hotline about all matters related to product and service quality.

2. Commitment to sales service quality

  • Provide standardized products with the best quality.
  • Sell with reasonable price.
  • Do not reveal or misuse personal information of customers. Follow Vietnamese laws on sales and protection of consumers’ interests.
  • Satisfy the customers’ requests as fast as possible.
  • Always be honest with customers, Prestige is always on top to bring the best benefits for customers.
  • Consult freely customers about our products.
  • All products we provide are strictly inspected before being delivered to the market.
  • Support and handle timely products identified to be defective items due to product error or problems arising in the proccess of delivery or use of products.

If you have any questions or problems related to our products, please contact:


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