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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the website operated by Ngoc Thien Supply Co., Ltd. We respect and are committed to protect your private information. Please read the Privacy Policy for consumers below to understand more about the policies we are carrying to respect and protect the rights of visitors.
To protect consumers’ personal information and build your trust in Ngoc Thien Company is essential for us. Therefore, we will use your name and related information in compliance with the contents of this policy. We only collect the necessary information related to the purchase transaction.


Consumers will be required to complete the information form available on the Website with items such as: Full name, address (home or office), email address ( company or person), phone number (mobile, home or office), and to the possible options… These information is required to accomplish customer’s online order. (including sending email confirming orders to Customers).

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

To provide services and manage customers’ information effectively. The use of Consumers’ personal information serves the purpose of managing database of Consumers and timely handling arising situations (if they happens).

2. Scope of using personal information website takes use of the information provided by the Consumers for the purposes below:

– Provide high-quality services for Consumers;

– Send notices about communication activities between Consumers and Ngoc Thien;

– Prevent activities destroying, appropriating consumer’s accounts or faking consumer’s information;

– Contact and resolve complaints with Consumers;

– Confirm and exchange information about Consumer’s transactions at Ngoc Thien Company;

– In case of requests from the authorized state management agencies.

3.Information storage time

There is no time limit unless the Consumers send a cancellation request to the Board of Directors or the Company is dissolved or goes bankrupt.

4. Individuals or organizations can have the right to access to consumers’ personal information

Consumers agree that, in case of necessity, the following agencies / organizations / individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information, including:

– Board of Directors.

– The third party has the integration service with Website

– Event management companies and sponsors

– The authorized state management agencies in case of request according to the provisions of operation regulations

– In case of request by competent state agencies according to the provisions of operation regulations

– Market research companies

– Financial advisors, law firms and auditing companies

– Complainants succed in proving the consumers’ violation

– At the request of the authorized state management agencies

5. The address of the agency that collects and manages the information

Ngoc Thien Supply Co., Ltd

– Phone number: 0899339028

– Email:

– Address: 81 Cach Mang Thang Tam St., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

6. Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data

Consumers have the right to self-check, update, correct or cancel their personal information by accessing Website or correcting personal information on request of the Board of Directors.

Consumers have the right to complain about the disclosure of their personal information to the third party. When receiving these responses, Ngoc Thien Company will reconfirm the accuracy of information, and be responsible for answering the reasons and guiding Consumers to restore and secure the information.

Forms of receiving consumer complaints information:

i) Via email:

ii) Via phone call: 0899 339 028

7. Commitment to secure consumers’ personal information

˗ The Board of Directors are commited to comletely secure Consumers’ personal information on Website according to the privacy policy of personal information posted on Website. Collection and use of information by each consumer can only be done with the consumers’ agreement unless in case of other regulations provided by the law.

˗ Do not take use, transfer, provide or disclose

Consumers’ personal information to the third party without their agreement unless other cases regulated in the law.

˗ In case that the server computer is attacked by hackers causing the loss of consumers’ personal data, the Board of Directors are responsible for informing and working with the authorities to investigate and solve the problems on time, simultaneously inform the Consumers of the incident.

˗ Absolutely secure all consumers’ online transaction information including invoice, accounting and digital documents.

8. Mechanism for receiving and handling complaints related to consumers’ information

When finding out the personal information is being used for the inappropriate purposes or scopes, Consumers can send complaints to or call 0899 339 028 to discuss and provide evidence relating to the case for the Board of Directors. We commits to respond immediately or at least within 24 hours from the time receiving the complaints.

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