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Terms in transactions

Welcome to the website

Please read and agree with the following terms of using website before starting to view, consult, request a quotation and order our products from website. By using the services on website, you are considered to accept all the terms below. Therefore, before participating in purchasing and using the services on, please read these terms carefully:

All arising problems, disputes and complaints including the exploitation and use of materials, data and information contained in the website are governed by the law of Vietnam.


1. Responsibility and obligation of Ngoc Thien Company

1.1. Responsibility for the information posted on the Website

– We provide on this website the content and knowledge from reliable and accurate sources of information.

– The images of products posted on the website are just for illustrative purposes. Ngoc Thien will try to post on the website the clearest, easy-to-see and most accurate images of devices.

– The price of products advertised on the website is the price used to order on the Website. Ngoc Thien commits and tries to provide the accurate list price and update it daily. However, in a few cases, the price of some products may differ from the list price on the website (due to the frequency of price changes in some items and rapid changes in product condition). Therefore, customers may encounter the cases of inaccurate price or incorrect status of goods without timely announcement. When receiving your order request, if there is any changes in the price or other information, we will contact directly or inform via the email address you gave us.

– The price updated on the website is the retail price of products applied nationwide.

– Although Ngoc Thien Company believes that the content posted on the website is correct and complete but we does not represent or guarantee that these information is completely accurate. However, Ngoc Thien Company commits to inform customers soon about the errors related to posting inaccurate information and fix it as fast as possible.

1.2. Responsibility for supplying products.

Ngoc Thien Company is obliged to supply sufficient quantity of commodites as well as good quality products on time and according to other agreements in orders and commodity trading contracts signed between Ngoc Thien Company and customers.

2. Obligation of the customers

– Provide complete and accurate information that Ngoc Thien Company requires when performing transactions.

– Pay the bill according exactly to the time agreed in the orders or commodity trading contracts signed between Ngoc Thien Company and customers.

3. Ngoc Thien commits to secure customer’s information

– We commits to secure the private information of members who registered or purchased products.

– The collection and use of each member’s information can only be performed with the customer’s agreement, unless other situations prescribed by the law.

When necessary, Ngoc Thien Company will use these information to directly contact the members in the forms such as: sending open letters, orders, thank-you letters, sms, technical information, security and so on

– Ngoc Thien Company commits not to transfer, provide or reveal member’s personal information to the third party without his or her permission or consent.

– Secure all the online transaction information of the Members including accounting invoice, digital documents when carrying out transactions at Ngoc Thien Company.

– In case the server storing information is attacked by hacker, causing the loss of the member’s personal data, Ngoc Thien Company will be responsible for informing the authorities of the situation for timely investigating and handling, and then notify that to the members.

– The use of member’s personal information and other information ensures to be suitable for the purpose and completely comply with the content of current Law.

4. Handling customer’s complaints

Ngoc Thien Company receives complaints through the following forms:

– Through the call centre to resolve the complaints: 1900099978

– Send your complaints to our email address, we will respond immediately.


1. You can choose one of the 3 ways below to order products at Ngoc Thien Company:

1. Access to the website and send the online orders – Online time 24/24.

2. Call one of the phone numbers below:

– Online sales department: 028 77 79 8999

– Hotline for Project & Enterprise: 0899 339 028

Time available:  from 7:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m everyday of the week (except Sunday, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year and Holiday)

3. Inbox Zalo: 0899339028 for detailed advice.

2. With the purpose that you can purchase products quickly and conveniently via the website

Ngoc Thien would like to show the 4-step process as follow:

Step 1: Select products

– After selecting the appropriate product and sufficient quantity, please click the word purchase (mua hàng) or the icon of shopping cart below each product.

– After selecting enough products according to your needs, move on the payment option step.

Step 2: Select the methods delivery and payment

For more detailed information about the company’s current forms of delivery and payment, please look at the section SHIPPING AND RECEIVING POLICY.

Step 3: Sign the order or contract (if necessary)

When receiving the additional request from the 2 parties, Ngoc Thien Company and the customer will make the quotation or the order and may include a contract, an official contract liquidation and they are sent via fax, email, via courier service. The two parties will confirm the order, sign the contract and send it back to each other.

Step 4: Carry out payment and announce receiving products

– At least after 30 minutes from the time of receiving customer’s order, our staffs will contact directly with you or send an email to confirm the receipt of your order information, then dicide to agree or refuse your order (sate clearly the reason for refusal).

– Customers can choose the most suitable payment method. In case of paying by bank transfer, online payment, we will proceed to deliver the products to customers as soon as we receive money sent from you. Please provide the recipient’s name, address and phone number so that we can easily contact you during delivery.

– For orders must be sent through the third party to carry out the shipping, we will pack and seal the entire package so that you can be completely assured that your package will not be changed during delivery.

– We will inform you about the expected time of product’s arrival, so you can be assured that your package has been delivered and arranged the time to receive.

–  As soon as receiving the package from shippers, please check directly and carefully the product. If there are any problems related to the type, quality and quantity of products which differs from the order or the seal has been changed, please make a record with the delivery unit or the shipper and immediately inform Ngoc Thien Company about the problem for handling. In such cases, you do not have to bear any responsibility in relation to the goods being changed, lost, or not guaranteed in terms of quality and quantity during the delivery to customer’s address.

For extra information or other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the hotline: 0899339028. We are completely pleased to bring you the best service.

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